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Aug 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
are continuing to battle a fast-moving wildfire in the u.s. state of idaho. it has raced across 64,000 acres of land. have beenf people evacuated. officials say number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. the board overseeing the completion of berlin's new airport says it could begin partial operations in march next year. by aroject has been dogged string of embarrassing cost overruns and delays. officials say flights will be limited to a maximum of 20 flights per day initially. chopping down forests does so much harm to the climate that rich countries should pay poor ones not to do it -- that principle has been dealt a blow in ecuador. the government has abandoned a scheme to protect its rain forest. ecuador has been trying to raise $3.5 billion for the project, but says it is only received a tiny trickle of that. the president of ecuador has the country up for drilling. >> the park is a largely untouched natural wonder. chainsaws and bulldozers are set to move in soon, in search of oil. environmental activists say the effect of oil exploration in this part of the world will be deva
Aug 15, 2013 7:30am PDT
. specifically on a road, where for years gangs used and abused dozens of underage girls for prostitution. the gang members were muslims. most of mecca steady -- pakistani origin. the youngest of the girls was 11. she had already suffered years of abuse, living in state homes with foster parents or on the streets. the gang found her among the snack bars of the road. they would ply the girls with small gifts, alcohol, then drugs, until they were dependent physically and emotionally. then came abuse, and rape. first by gang members, then other perpetrators who pay the gang. >> i was there almost every day, sometimes more than one day at a time. sometimes i would have breaks where i went home to my mom and i ended up in hospital because i taken so many drugs. the majority of the time, i was away, having sex with different men. >> a local hotel manager was apprehended, but has been released on bail. >> did you notice anything of what happened here? >> no. [inaudible] i have other things to do. and with my accountant. if you could just go away -- >> many in the area knew about or suspected the
Aug 29, 2013 7:30am PDT
. why ? this is how it was for us before we came to this country but now things are different. but they can be like this again. if i can have a few moments with el sayed abdul salam, i'm sure that he will be willing to help. help how ? do you want to go back to cairo ? of course not. we have come to stay, but perhaps he could put in a good word-- you will be an engineer again. this is only temporary. abdullah ! mohammed ! gamal ! what a surprise ! el salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. el salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. - what are you doing here ? - we are part of the visiting delegation. how marvelous to see you both. el salam alaikum. salam alaikum. alaikum el salam. alaikum el salam jihan. how wonderful to see you. and you. - how are your families ? - everybody is well. they send their regards. balaam just celebrated her seventh birthday. please send our best wishes. of course. and the little baby is doing well ? yes. she is growing so fast. it's hard to believe. - and becoming quite a handful. - i can imagine. so. all is well with
Aug 1, 2013 7:30am PDT
>> hello from brussels and a very warm welcome to "european journal." very good to have you with us. here's what we have today -- the wave of drug tests as bulgarians demand an end to corruption. rotten conditions -- how seasonal workers are being exploited in italy. and portugal offers incentives. book area has been -- bulgaria has been a member of the eu for five years, but it is still the poorest country in the bloc. the political class is mired in criminal activities that are so blatant that a few days ago, the ambassadors of germany and france wrote an open letter, calling on politicians to distance themselves from corrupt oligarchs. people in bulgaria are also angry at the government and the high cost of living. >> it has become an early morning ritual. for weeks now, she has been making noise on the way to work. while bulgaria's parliament is in session, outside, the crowd's anger is growing. >> it is unbelievable. a bunch of people who cannot understand anything, cannot do anything, and do not want to do anything. >> these are the bunch of people -- the new prime minister, a
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)